Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why Newspapers don't matter anymore...

blogging: notes

Discussing the prediction of the end of the print Newspaper in its current form, paper and ink. (Suburban local's and large city dailies will go first.)

Counter control:
Harness the full effect of the local blogging / digital journalism interactive model. Devise relationships and aggregation ideas.
1. Identify the most influential journalists and bloggers, SN sites,and Brick and Mortar "Business case" examples.
2. Understand local business culture / history and established / current climate.
3. Spend money to help (exponentially) build internal / external infrastructure.

** Suburban and local newspapers will continue to collapse under the reality that online information is available to "suburban" citizens that can pay for Internet connections. These newspapers must go online now ...

** Newspapers and printed materials such as magazines will become rare in the next 5-10 years and impossible to find in 15-25, except in certain places and at certain times ...

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