Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is it about time to transition off the Grid? The URL has fallen.

What have I done? Dr. Frankenstein

Is it possible that the almighty URL has fallen from its perch and taken a fatal blow by the disintegration of the Digital Media landscape? A website presence is no longer required as part of any online launch. Websites are now called applications by those who build (develop) them. The rabid rise of Social Networking and the capability of boundless self promotion across multiple global platforms of millions and millions of opt in humans, bots, worms, bugs, etc in single key strokes is absolutely incredible. People are producing their own (interesting!) content at shocking turnaround rates, year after year, more and more, and posting it online for all to experience and comment on. Connecting the dots was never so easy. What does this mean for Cybernetic culture design?

It is no longer a requirement to have an URL when a Social Network marketing (ecosystem) plan will actually work. With the recent enabling of a wider, hyper-interactive, user base via the belief that Broadband connectivity is as needed as the radio, telephone, television was when it was originally made available, we know it is a matter of time of its demise.

The future is a combination of micro niche efforts under the Outer most Use Case. Things do not look good for pay-per-article (newspapers) as a silver bullet. The ongoing aggregation of cherry picked (global) content to "user" pages is the future.

Clearly, politics has been changed forever ... micro-donations in the political arena are thriving and propelled now President Obama to the Oval office.

We are either witnessing or experiencing a time in history where citizens have been enabled via the Internet to take back the journalistic and political platforms from a grassroots perspective. It is a time in history of the possibility of true political RAD reformation. Citizen 3D. Let's hope no Henry VIII lurks behind the curtain...