Sunday, April 19, 2009

Planetary Cybernetics of Food Administration

Planetary Cybernetics, as administered by the freeRADlab, requires in-time, research-active interventions sufficient to counter current failure scenarios that challenge biological, personal, social, and cultural preservation and protection. Each potential failure scenario will be assigned a number by the Planetary Cybernetics In Time Administration #PCITA @freeradlab. Cybernautic free-rad lads who participate in research activist-intervention for life-cycle support will receive digital Walden Two labor credits (exchangeable for coffee in the #freeradlab) by the @labormanager @digitalWalden2.

Issue 1: @digitalWalden2: RT @irf01: #political TeaPartyProtest: If HR 875 passes, our President can't plant the organic garden he and Michelle are planning #freeradlab

Behavioral Objective: Identify, copy, paste, and respond evaluatively to critical elements of the bill that enable law enforcement to punish organic gardening. Positive validation of the claim that independent farming is under legislative assault must occur in time to mobilize and organize an opposition if necessary.