Saturday, April 18, 2009

Planetary Cybernetics Administration (PCA)

In the glory days of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the United States government administered research on aeronautic and space that enabled exploration and extended the options for cultural evolution. As the American post-World War II economy shrunk its industrial base and transitioned through service sectors into superfluity, the post-terrestrial options shrunk to the wealthy few.

Systems continue to atrophy under the combined influence of excess population, multi-tiered pollution, natural resource depletion, proliferation of weapons of depopulation, and the corrupting multi generational and globally active influence of over resourced secret & semi-secret societies.

As America's Camelot generation wakes to the threat of an American Hiroshima and as the free press goes out of business, the domain of exploration and cultural enablement expands past the nation -- across and beyond the planet. As long as the issue of inter-planetary transactions is obscured in government secrecy, the domain of collective natural science exploration can not be narrowed to earth. This is also true as long as extra-terrestrial solutions to issues on the planet remain an option.

So scope extension of "our" natural science exploratory efforts requires a planetary systems scope both in terms of the ownership of that science and its province. Planetary inhabitants respond in systems that potentially vary from trans- to inter- to intra-planetary, regional, national, state, county or city in places that may host governmental, economic, religious, educational, medical, or behavior-therapeutic agencies and services. These places and those whose behavior transacts with them comprise the domain of planetary systems.

The scope of contingencies surrounding planetary behavioral transactions is practically infinite but an ethical behaviorology and culturology seeks to reform the systems comprising behavioral and socio-cultural environments so that they are self-correcting or cybernetic and that the power that they impose preserves and protects systems, system controllers, and system controllees, mutually.

Behavior and culture change in time and a self-correcting cybernetics must be in time to avert failure scenarios and maximize success opportunities. Standard celeration charts enable fundamental behavioral and cultural phenomena over time to be displayed with quantitative and qualitative precision for both baseline analyses and parametric adjustment of imposed experimental conditions based on consequence measures.

The starting locus for the administration of a Planetary Cybernetics in Time is the freeRADlab Cafe in Northern Liberties Philadelphia. The freeRADlab cafe is an e-cultural hub of business and events designed to enable and enhance survival and success for inter-planetary systems. The "free" in freeRADlab uses the American concept of freedom from unwarranted restrictions to go "Beyond Freedom & Dignity" (Skinner, 1972) and act collaboratively to preserve and protect our future as individuals, communities, cultures, and species.  A free operant is a response that changes the environment and is immediately thereafter capable of being repeated. In the freeRADlab, social media is designed to enable free-operant talk to enable users to share frameworks for bottom-up (e)governance.

The RAD is freeRADlab is radical in the sense of being rooted in a context in which multiple sets of socio-cultural circumstances are subjected to systematic analysis and integration using strategy patterns in Rapid Application Design of cultural software. The radical is extreme and thoroughgoing in its search to predict, control, and explain behavioral and cultural processes and phenomena in terms of selection by consequence contingencies. It favors drastic social and political reform so that contingency defects can be successfully repaired and rapidly corrected.

Finally, freeRADlab is a laboratory-cafe environment in Northern Liberties in which behavioral and cultural experiments are collaboratively discussed, designed, developed, deployed and data disseminated in the service of administering planetary cybernetics in time.