Saturday, January 24, 2009

Super Soldiers .. .smart or just bots?

Ok, so we have a soldier that has capabilities beyond belief ... Armor, weapons, self sustaining capabilities, training, and most of all - other super soldiers. Where does the line cross from "Robot" to "human" if at all? Where does the next gen network slip out of reality and into a parallel fighting force? Are rogue Robots not far behind? What happens if networks are compromised - and they will be - where do these soldiers stand in terms of allegiance? What happens when one of these battle field vehicles is commandeered by enemy super soldiers?

Are they then capable of doing soldier work as humans? Or are we seeing the end of the human on the frontlines of the battle field? Drones already rule the sky and satellites have been "eyes" on the inside for some time.

When the future combat systems take over, who is in charge? Anarchy? Or Big Brother?

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  1. Contingency planning for the effects of military support architectures and services on the behavior of capably-managed and -accessorized soldiers requires predicting both the class and the likelihood of both commander and enemy behavior. What are the effects on command and control within and between government, finance, and the citizenry? How can civilian-population behavior be integrated into military strategy? Does new Media technology provide an adequate opportunity for military behavior to be brought under the self-interested control of an e-government- framed, democratically-controlled, scientifically-educated, and spiritually-awakened citizenry for biological, personal, and cultural survival to be maximally enabled and enhanced? How can that opportunity be enhanced in response to the military's growing technological prowess and the economy's shrinking pool for prosperity? The drones aren't only the robots but neither are they only the soldiers.