Monday, December 8, 2008

No, Facebook is dead...

Here's a POV of the actual users on Facebook. Interesting that they generate no money on the millions of users. Obviously they need to establish a "presence" not just and impression via banner ad's... The plot thickens.

Can this be true? Or is this just about the techno-freaks leaving the fold? We have seen this happen before (Compuserve,AOL,Napster,etc). It seems the migration is on in ernest ...

Can the Facebook Management actually say this (30 million NEW users and 120 million active users)or have they just gone mad? How many dummy accounts, accounts never used, etc. actually exist? As well, what is defined as active? Once a day posting or logging in or once a week? Seeing that they have logs for all accounts, then Facebook knows "exactly" how many accounts they have as well as what level of "active" they actually are. What are they? Should we go on?

What seems to be true is that it is the largest Social Network Platform in the world. All in the last 3 months.

Lot's of hype going on ... Marketing?
Capitalizing on the traffic should be possible if not easy. Transaction based model.




  2. The facebook statistics provided fail to enable culturally cybernetic facebook performances at a time that the economy is failing and the internet gates are closing. Operational definitions based on structural features (friends, minutes, status updates, fans, photos, videos, "pieces of content", events created, active users, users outside US, developers & entrepreneurs, applications developed and hosted) fail to capture the response-class definitions and measures (frequency, celeration, and bounce) required for culturally-ameliorative analyses. Mental models would be useful for defining and specifying cultural response class definitions. Those judged most likely to enable the human species and humane cultures to survive and thrive would be selected, generated, and maintained for groups of 9-12 people over several months. These groups would themselves be generated using facebook application designs.

  3. While celebrates the cool kid/early adopter migrations from facebook to twitter, points out that facebook is growing faster and has over 30 times more users than twitter.

  4. A Guide to The Contextual Web provides some conceptual scaffolding for advancing the culturally-ameliorative methodology discussed in my first comment above.

  5. Facebook has moved to its next phase of development in the last 4 months. It is now a business, not just a tool to generate traffic to possibly establish revenue. The culture has altered in a way that was unexpected as has been the case with all SN's that move beyond start-up phase. We will post more Data soon.